About Us

The Muesli Hub. Making Your Mornings Brighter, One Bowl Of Muesli At A Time.


This notion of choice should start in the breakfast bowl.

Your breakfast should suit your lifestyle and be tailor made to your specific needs. Breakfast should be what you want it to be; a boost in energy, gluten free, a top up of antioxidants, or simply a bowl full of the things you love. It’s entirely up to you.

There is no boxed solution, we are here to let you be the creator of your own muesli, there are no secret recipes, just the raw ingredients and sound advice so you can craft and personalise your unique start to the day.

Welcome to your empty breakfast bowl. Be the Creator.


At The Muesli Hub you can select one of our pre-mixed, ready to go mueslis or alternatively craft your own blend, based on how you want to start the day.  The idea is pretty simple really…

  1. Choose your muesli mix size – 500g or 1kg at a fixed cost no matter which ingredients you choose.
  2. Begin with one of our muesli bases designed to inspire your own creation.
  3. Start adding your ingredients.  We’ve sourced the finest natural ingredients from here and afar, bringing the world of muesli options to your breakfast bowl.
  4. Name your muesli creation, it’s unique to you.
  5. We’ll mix your muesli and have it delivered directly to you. Your special delivery is on its way.


There is nothing better than a personalised package arriving on time as expected.
We charge a delivery fee of $6.99 and $12.90 for rural.
Delivery time: 2-3 working days (maybe a day or 2 longer for rural deliveries).



Hi, I’m Janine and together with my helpers, my husband and our 2 boys, we are excited and privileged to be a part of your mornings.

We are a proudly owned and operated family business based in the beautiful township of Lincoln, Canterbury. It is here that we lovingly craft our muesli by hand and in small batches, using only the finest ingredients.

I am passionate about food, health and well-being and part of that is starting our mornings with a nutrient dense and delicious bowl of muesli. At The Muesli Hub we are dedicated to ensuring that we create the finest quality muesli for our customers so that everyone can kick-start their day in the right way.

Happy mixing!