How does it work?

  • The Muesli Hub allows you to craft your own muesli online based on how you want
    to start the day – see how it works here

How much is it?

  • At The Muesli Hub we do not believe that your ingredient choices should be based on the costs of individual ingredients. We have a flat rate price for our muesli so that you can choose to include whichever ingredients you like – without worrying about their cost.

How much muesli comes in a pack?

  • We have two pack sizes, 500g and 1kg for you to choose from.

Can I reorder the same muesli online again?

  • Absolutely! At checkout you would have entered your email address and a password. Login via the top navigation . Your mix will be saved here for you to reorder, or tweak as you wish.

Can I send muesli online as a gift?

  • You absolutely can. Great idea! We have the option to send a tailor made mix or a voucher. Information on these can be found here. Remember to name their mix – this will appear on the bag.

How long will it take for my muesli to arrive?

  • We courier all muesli out the day after your order is placed so around 2-3 working days. For those of you in rural areas it may take a wee bit longer.

How much is delivery?

  • Standard nationwide delivery is $6.99. Rural delivery is $12.90.

Does my muesli have an expiry date?

  • No, it has a best before date which will be 3 months from when you order your mix. To help retain the freshness of your muesli we recommend storing it in a cool, dark & dry place.

How many ingredients can I add to my mix?

  • You can add up to 3 nuts, 3 dried fruit and 2 seeds for the flat rate cost depending on which size bag you choose. We believe that this combo produces a damn fine mix full of the things you love.

Can I add an ingredient more than once?

  • Of course you can add a handful more of any ingredient you love. Just click on the ADD button again. Max is 2 serves per ingredient.

 If I don’t want any nuts, can I get more fruit (and vice versa)?

  • If you don’t want any of one section of ingredients you can easily just skip these out – however ingredient allowances in other sections will not increase. Muesli is typically a combo of nuts, fruit & seeds & grains, but we will not hold it against you if you want to skip any of these!
    • 500gm is $16.00
    • 1kg is $27.00

Are your ingredients Gluten Free?

  • We have a Gluten Free Base and a filter which will show you all the gluten free ingredients available throughout the site, however it is important to note that all of our the muesli hub mixes are crafted in a kitchen which processes nuts, soy, dairy products, wheat & gluten so if you are highly allergic to gluten we would not recommend purchasing our products.

Do your mueslis contain nuts and seeds?

  • Although you can choose to leave these ingredients out of your mix – it is important to note that all of our mixes are crafted in a kitchen which contains traces of nuts and seeds, to be safe – we do not recommend ordering any of our muesli if you have a nut or seed allergy, including sesame seeds.

Why do you have pre-mixed muesli online?

  • Some people like a bit of inspiration before they mix, and others might want to make a quick purchase so we have crafted our own selection of mixes which we know you will love. Here you will also find some unique mixes for special diets such as paelo. View Pre Crafted here

How do you know what to put in your mix?

  • We have filled the pages of ingredients with information so that you can make informed decisions on what you are putting in your breakfast bowl, you can also visit our inspiration page which is full of suggestions and ideas.

Why The Muesli Hub?

  • We believe that it is time for people to look at re-prioritising breakfast in their daily routine. At The Muesli Hub, we have provided you with the tools and information to craft a delicious breakfast that is individual to you and your lifestyle. We all know that breakfast is so important, so here at The Muesli Hub we aim to get people to re-think what they are starting their day with and tailor a breakfast to suit them.

Do we eat muesli?

  • Everyday!