Gluten Free Goodness 500g


Gluten Free Goodness – Gluten is a common ingredient in many breakfast foods, but we are no longer limited to them. We have searched near and afar for tasty ingredients to bring gluten freedom to your breakfast bowl.

Our Gluten Free Goodness mix is a creation of all things good about skipping gluten from your diet. Starting with a base of roasted buckwheat, puffed amaranth and seeds, we have then added a range of yummy fruits, nuts and seeds – the result is a gluten-free breakfast packed full of flavour, crunch,and goodness.

This mix is created for those with a nonceliac gluten sensitivity – it is mixed in a kitchen with gluten containing ingredients.

Ingredients: Gluten-free base (buckwheat, puffed millet, organic coconut, pumpkin seeds, puffed amaranth, linseeds), dry roasted cashews, dry roasted almonds, dried cranberries (sugar, sunflower oil), goji berries (sulphur dioxide), dried apple (preservative- sulphur dioxide).              

Contains: Cashews, almonds, sulphites.