Gluten Free


Gluten Free Base – Gluten isn’t necessarily bad, but some people are gluten-intolerant*, meaning their bodies produce an abnormal immune response when it breaks down gluten from wheat and related grains during digestion.

Our Gluten Free base is designed for those who are gluten-intolerant*, and the good news is we have packed this full of flavour, crunch,and goodness. Gluten Free lifestyle or not, this base is delicious. Lightly roasted with a touch of honey to hold all the good bits together to the bottom of the bag.

Ingredients: Buckwheat, NZ Honey, Puffed Millet, Coconut Chips (contains sulphites), Pumpkin Seeds, Puffed Amaranth, Linseeds

Allergen Information: Contains Sulphites

*This base is suitable for those with a nonceliac gluten sensitivity – it is mixed in a kitchen with gluten containing ingredients.